Student Art Submission

Skeleton illustration

Welcome to the Student art submission page.

Please note art submissions close on 31st of October 2022.

We look forward to receiving your artwork and welcoming you to the conference.

Important: Before clicking the submit button please ensure that you have addressed all aspects of the submission guidelines and marking rubric.

If you are having the following acute symptoms:

  • Feeling artsy,
  • Longing to create, and
  • Would like to become a celebrity in Asia Pacific or the Globe

Then get your craft kits ready and submit your artwork to ANZACA2022, student art competition. Who knows you might win a prestigious award for your work (be in it to win it!)

Appetiser to tickle your frontoparietal lobes can be observed on the image on the flyer using rods and cones.

ANZACA Student Art.jpg

Acknowledgement: Miss Miladinovic , Principal Marketing and Communications Professional, UQ and Miss Saskia Gilmour, Curator at Urban Arts Project, Northgate, QLD

Referencing your work

All artworks submitted to ANZACA2022 will be reviewed by a panel using a marking rubric. Please ensure you have perused the marking rubric before you upload your work/s. All submissions are eligible to be considered for the prestigious ANZACA Best Artwork Prize!

All artworks submitted to ANZACA2022 must have a caption which should be in line with Chicago referencing style. Please use the following example as a guide:

Saskia Gilmour, Study of a dissection of a human heart: superior view of the atrioventricular and semilunar valves, 2022. Graphite on card. Image courtesy: the Artist. © Saskia Gilmour.

Image size and resolution requirements

  1. All images must be submitted either as: *.jpg, *.jpeg or *.pdf
  2. Image size of 1169x827 pixels and resolution 100 dpi. This allows judges to view your images on a standard personal computer.

Further information about image sizing can be found here.

Please upload your images on ANZACA Google Drive. You might be required to create a google account to upload your work.

Looking forward to getting blown away by your art!