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The aims of ANZACA include:

1. provision of a forum for debate in clinical anatomy and related disciplines,

2. advancement of clinical anatomy and other anatomical sciences, by bringing together active researchers, educators, and clinicians.

It is envisaged that ANZACA will link up with other Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy Associations, and also with the International Federation of Association of Anatomists (IFAA).

ANZACA Meetings/Conferences will be held annually (between late November to mid December).


The policy of ANZACA is to encourage study and research in clinical anatomy, applying knowledge of human and veterinary anatomy to the science and practice of medicine and other health professions such as nursing, paramedicine, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. ANZACA aims to disseminate outcomes of such research by holding annual meetings and publishing in appropriate journals as well as to achieve educational and teaching excellence in clinical anatomy for all health professionals. In its broadest sense, anatomy includes gross anatomy, imaging anatomy in all modalities, microscopic anatomy, ultrastructure, development and growth before and after birth, neuroanatomy, biomechanics, and the newly developing field of movement science. As a progressive organisation ANZACA in the future will support and encourage work from fields such as psychology, anthropology, philosophy and sociology, which might use anatomy in their courses

ANZACA welcomes members from a broad range of scientific, educational and clinical disciplines.


The objectives of ANZACA shall be to:

  1. advance, for the public benefit, study and research into clinical anatomy and the disciplines relating thereto and to endorse the publication of the results of such research;
  2. promote and improve, for the public benefit, the science and practice of clinical anatomy, and the disciplines relating thereto;
  3. promote and improve, for the public benefit, the teaching and scholarship of clinical anatomy and the disciplines relating thereto.

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