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Dear ANZACA Community,

On behalf of ANZACA and chair of local organising committee Professor Mark Midwinter and his team, we cordially welcome you to ANZACA2022 conference website, where you will find all information regarding the upcoming conference. This year our conference is scheduled to be held from 7th-9th of December at the University of Queensland (UQ).

We at UQ, are excited to host the conference this year. We believe that it is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and like-minded individuals hence the theme ‘Learning from Each Other’. As COVID-19 restrictions are eased, we anticipate a healthy turnout. This conference aims to debate pressing issues with anatomy education, provide students a platform to showcase their work, and build strong new friendships that span across Asia-Pacific and the globe. The event will not only incorporate extensive discussions, but will also consist of additional workshops, guest speaker sessions and scintillating social events, that will help our future anatomy leaders to develop networks and transform their ideas into actions.

The organising committee aims to make your experience unparalleled by delivering an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable conference. If you are new to Brisbane or have been here before we recommend downloading Translink app to your device.

Thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you to Queensland, The Sunshine State, in December.

Abstract submissions and Registration for the event are now open!

Sincerely yours,

Dr Awais Saleem Babri

Secretary, Organizing Committee and ANZACA

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Acknowledgement: Miss Miladinovic , Principal Marketing and Communications Professional, UQ

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Acknowledgement: Miss Miladinovic , Principal Marketing and Communications Professional, UQ and Miss Saskia Gilmour, Curator at Urban Arts Project, Northgate, QLD