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Dr Claire Smith

Professor Claire Smith, BSc, PGCE, PhD, S.F.H.E.A., F.A.S., F.L.F., N.T.F.


Claire France Smith, BSc, PGCE, PhD, S.F.H.E.A., F.A.S., F.L.F., N.T.F. is Head of Anatomy at Brighton and Sussex Medical School], UK. Professor Smith is a Fellow of the Anatomical Society, a member of the Court of Examiners, Royal College Surgeons England and Secretary General for the European Federation Experimental Morphologists. Professor Smith is the lead author for Gray's Surface Anatomy and Ultrasound. Professor Smith has taught all areas of gross anatomy, embryology, histology and surface anatomy. Her research is in understanding the learning experience, publishing over 100 papers with over 500 citations. Professor Smith's innovative approach to teaching using 3D printed body parts led her to be named Educator Innovator 2016, by the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME). In 2018, Professor Smith was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship for her leadership and dedication to anatomical education.


Professor Smith began her education at the University of Bristol, studying comparative anatomy. She then worked as an anatomy demonstrator at St Georges Hospital Medical School whilst completing her Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Surrey. Professor Smith then moved to the University of Southampton as a Teaching Fellow where she studied for her PhD, a seminal study on how students learn anatomy.


Professor Smith is Head of Anatomy at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, where she has redesigned both the Anatomy Laboratory and the provision of Anatomy teaching, including running numerous outreach events for the community to learn more about the human body and health. Professor Smith is an Associate Editor for Anatomical Sciences Education. Since 2013, Professor Smith has been the anatomy expert for Operation Ouch Maverick TV, creating the dissections seen on the show. In addition, Professor Smith has been an on-screen expert for BBC, ITV and BBC World Service. Professor Smith has held various roles within the Anatomy community including Chair of the Education Committee for the Anatomical Society, Secretary General for the European Federation Experimental Morphology, Chair of the Anatomy Associations Advisory Committee, and Chair of the London and South East Committee of Anatomists who employ the London Anatomy Office. Professor Smith is also a member of the Human Tissue Authority] Stakeholder and Fees Committee. Professor Smith is a member of the World Anatomy Education Committee (FIPAE).


Her passion for all things related to anatomy education has seen her referred to as a leader in the field. Professor Smith led the creation of the Core Anatomy Syllabus for Medical Students and contributed to the Nursing and Pharmacy Syllabus Core Pharmacy Syllabus. Professor Smith has published over one hundred articles on all aspects of anatomy education, including; spatial ability, body donation, assessment, 3D printing, near peer teaching, inter professional learning, Personality, Social Media and creative ways to teach anatomy. Professor Smith was the initiator and lead author for the new edition to the Gray’s family, Gray's Surface Anatomy and Ultrasound and is the faculty advisor to Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology and contributor to 30 Second Anatomy.

Body Donation

Professor Smith was a licensed teacher of Anatomy under the 1984 Anatomy Act and the Designated Individual at Brighton and Sussex Medical School for the Human Tissue Authority. Professor Smith has accepted hundreds of donated human bodies for Anatomical Examination. The expertise this gave Professor Smith and the interactions she had with donors families led to the production of The Silent Teaching the Gift of Body Donation.