Upcoming conferences

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*March 14-15, 2020, Ahmedabad, India

Society of Clinical Anatomists

*March 25-28, 2020, Zaria, Nigeria, Africa

Society of Experimental and Clinical Anatomists of Nigeria

*April 2-3, 2020, Norwich, England

Institute of Anatomical Sciences

*April 4-7, 2020, San Diego, CA, USA

American Association for Anatomy

*April 19-22, 2020, Durban, South Africa

Anatomical Society of Southern Africa

*May 23 - 27, 2020, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society

*June 15-19, 2020, New York, USA

American Association of Clinical Anatomists

*June 25-27, 2020, Tavira, Portugal

International Symposium Clinical and Applied Anatomy

*July 7, 2020, University of Exeter, UK

British Association of Clinical Anatomists

*July 15-17, 2020, Glasgow, UK

Anatomical Society

*August 8-10, 2020, Beijing, China

Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomists

*November, 2020, India

Anatomical Society of India

*November 6-8, 2020, Viña del Mar, Chile

Chilean Anatomy Society

*December 4, 2020, New Zealand

Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists e-conference (Zoom) hosted by the University of Otago, Dunedin

*December 17, 2020, Anglia Ruskin University

British Association of Clinical Anatomists

If you would like your anatomical meeting listed here, please email the ANZACA Secretary